Key Steps in Illustration: Tutor’s Feedback – Part 5

I was quite excited to receive my feedback for the last part for this OCA course because it meant that I am about to finish this course, and also because there were some projects in this part I enjoyed, while I was more concious about others.

I am happy with the feedback overall and appreciate the ideas and thoughts that will make me rework some of the projects, especially the Educational Strip, which was one of the projects I struggles with. Overall, the feedback is to allow more time to explore ideas, try out something new, and reflect the choices I have made, analyse artists/fonts/designs and how they might impact my own artwork. Clearly this is one aspect I am challenged with, since I work full time and have other responsibilties beside this course. However, I plan to look more closely into other artists in 2019 to get inspirations, to understand dynamics, and to reflect my own artwork more. I understand that it is best to take a step back and let some time pass before evalutating and reflecting my own work, so I guess I have to figure out a new workflow for the next OCA course. Here are a few points from the feedback that I think are noteworthy:

For the educational strip, the feedback was better than expected – I was not too happy with the layout and thought it would need input from someone else to make it better. One of my tutor’s ideas was to play around more with the dynamics and the flow of the leaflet, i.e. have the characters overall the page, look at the scale, make them bigger/smaller to create more dynamic for the viewer.

For the packaging exercise, she also suggested to also include the full layout, not just the front, to see if the design actually works.

For assignment 5, the key feedback was to have the characters interact a bit more to show their characteristics not only in the writing, but also as part of the illustration. I decided to revisit this project, too.

While I was not quite that confident about the Working for Children exercise at first, my tutor liked the illustrations because of the likable characters. She liked the short strip that shows the bear in action, and also the tiger family (which I also liked). I guess I should be more confident in my illustration, but I also appreciate the feedback to get a better feeling of what might actually work for children.

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