Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 5 – Seven Days, Revisited

After having received my tutor’s feedback on part 5, I revisited the assignment 5 to include some of the gods’ characteristics and symbols in the illustration. My tutor suggested to have the characters interact with the planets a bit more, e.g. the god of communication could have whispered into the planet’s ear.

I decided to keep the originial layout, which was well received by my tutor because of its dynamics. I added some icons that would describe better what the gods stand for in the picture.

I painted the following icons to include in the illustration:

  • Sunday – Sun / Apollo: A trumpet to represent music (the original illustration already included the notes, but might not be obvious enough)
  • Monday – Moon / Diana: An arrow to represent the hunting
  • Tuesday – Mars: A sword to represent the war and fighting
  • Wednesday – Mercury: A letter to represent communication.
  • Thursday – Jupiter: A flash to represent the thunder and lightning
  • Friday – Venus: A mirror as a symbol for beauty
  • Saturday – Saturn: Leaves to represent the agriculture


I added these icons to the original poster layout, as well as the editorial part. I also made the lines for the circle a bit more narrow to make it more elegant. Here are the revisited results for assignment 5.

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