Key Steps in Illustration: Assessment Time

Dear OCA assessors,

I have applied for the assessment event in March 2019 for Illustration 1: Key Steps in Illstration. Here is a short introduction on how to find your way around my learning log

The blog posts will appear chronologically in the blog section.

You also can select all projects directly through the top menu or the categories section on the right hand side.

When selecting a specific category, only the blog posts assigned to this category will appear.

By clicking “KAT ILLUSTRATES” or “Home” in the top menu, you will be redirected to the front page.

You should also have my Portfolio with my Top Ten projects, supporting illustrations, as well as the five sketchbooks I used for coursework. The Portolio pieces are mounted on white cardboard, and are labelled on the back to indicate the project name. The supporting illustrations include hand-made artwork that I used to create the final results for specific projects as indicated on the label on the back.

The learning log entries for my Top Ten projects in my Portfolio can be found here:

The sketchbooks are labelled 1-5; the projects are indicated by tags to allow easier access.

Enjoy! I’m looking forward to receiving the assessment results!

PS.: In the meantime I will start the next OCA course on my blog, so there might be a new category in the top menu as well as new blog posts by the time of the assessment date.

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