Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 5 – Seven Days, Final

Here are the final results for my final assignment in the Key Steps in Illustration course, the indiviual illustrations, the editorial illustration, also in context next to the magazine article, as well as the poster design. 

Individual images with blue background

Editorial illustration

Assignment 5 – Seven Days – Editorial illustration

Poster design

Assignment 5 – Seven Days – Poster

Key Learnings: 

  • Go with the flow, and keep an open mind that things might turn out differently than you initially expect
  • I still like the mix of hand-drawn and digitial illustrations best, and think I have found a good way to work with painting by hand, and then processing the illustrations digitally. 
  • Think about the font, and how and where it will be integrated in the final designs while you work. It helped me a lot to know that I want to add the headline later, and also the short paragraphs on the poster to leave enough space around the illustrations. 
  • I like simplistic layouts, not only for posters and editorial designs. Keeping it simple is quite helfpul for me also to narrow my illustrations down to the key element(s). I sometimes then to overthink it, and wanting to add more to an illustration that is necessary, and stepping back and only focusing on the key elements is quite helpful. 
  • I find it especially useful when adding the fonts, and playing around with different options for the background, font sizes, etc. 
  • This project took a long while, from narrowing down the idea to the final piece. It took a lot of space in my sketchbook, which is also a good indicator that it is a project I really enjoyed. 
  • Looking back at this project, I believe I have met my self-created brief. The idea was to address a target group, which are educated generally and keep up with the news, but not necessarily know every little detail about history and astrology. They should be interested in reading the edutainment article when looking at the brief. In my opinion, the illustration should be light-hearted, and straight to the point, with a little twist. 
  • As mentioned earlier, having a lot of freedom is something I struggle with because I don’t know where to start. Having a clearly lined-out brief helps me to narrow things down. 
  • Looking at my classmates’ projects, most of them would have told a story or created a picture book because to me it is the logical thing to do when working on assignment 5. I think creating a picture book will be something I will work on independently from this course, since I do have many ideas for stories; none of which are fully finalized though. I believe the story is key, however. So I should finish that first. 
  • My day job is content management for e-commerce, and I work with lots of visual content (mainly photographs) for marketing campaigns. The best ones are thought trough from the start, and have one visual language from the beginning to the end. I think this is something to consider also when working on the illustration projects. 

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