Exercise 34: Working for Children Key Steps in Illustration Part 5

Key Steps in Illustration: Working for Children

This exercise asks to look closely at Working for Children, an area that many illustrators aspire to. To me, it’s quite an appealing area, simply because I enjoy picture books and cute products for children. There is a huge market for kids illustrations, and I believe an area that needs to be understood thoroughly.

I gathered some inspiration and divided them according different age groups. 


I then worked on two age groups and worked out some themes of interest. This followed by working on several sketches using different mateirals, and then I created two scenes that should represent these themes.

Sketchbook files:

Pre edits:

Post digitial edits:

Bear story strip – telling a scene in four frames. 

kat-illustrates-working-for-children (1)

Tiger family portrait – Family on holidays – Quality timekat-illustrates-working-for-children (14)




Key Learnings: 

  • Similar as to during the Packaging exercise I struggled to create illustrations that would fit the age groups for kids. 
  • I am not quite sure how to best draw for children, or how to alter my style according to different age groups. I’m not quite sure if I manage to do this. I feel like my drawings look the same, no matter what age group.  
  • I think this is something I can work one more in future, and extend my portfolio to include more work dedicated to children. 
  • I find it very difficult to understand the market for children’s illustration, because to me each country seems to have different preferences, not only in terms of how much illustrations are used, but also in terms of style. 
  • Plus I don’t have lots of touchpoints with children (yet), so I am not sure what they get excited about. 

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