Key Steps in Illustration: Visual Distortion

For this exercise I was asked to create an objective illustration of a dog, and then simplify and distort it to create a new effect. The first pages show different illustrations based on dog photos. I then took the last one and simplify it by only using up to 5 lines, up to 2 lines. Afterwards I was asked to create a collage based on this sketch made of magazine cut-outs and then do another subjective illustration. Then I added some more texture and details to make the scene more biggger.

Collage & sketch based on collage

Adding more details

Final piece made with aquarells and ink

kat-illustrates-visual-distortion (12)

Key Learnings: 

  • Going with the flow and see where the illustration will end up. I did not know what would come out of it when I started this exercises. Reducing the objective illustration down to a few lines helped focus on the most important aspects.

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