Exercise 28: Character Development Key Steps in Illustration Part 4

Key Steps in Illustration: Character Development

This exercise asked to create three different characters, either based on a story, a sterotype and draw the character from different angles and in different situtations.

I did several sketches in pencil, coloured pencils and some other materials, including brushed pen, and guoache, to explore these characters.

Lars, the sailor

Lucy, the school girl

Thomas, the teacher

Susan, the business women

The Little Mermaid


After all sketches I decided to create another scene in which Lars, the sailor, meets the Little Mermaid. Inspired by the colourful houses of Copenhagen, and the Little Mermaid that sits there in the water too, I created this piece with aquarells and guoache.

Lars meets the Little mermaid

kat-illustrates-character-development (19)
Character development: Lars meets the Little Mermaid

Key Learnings: 

  • Meet the characters, imagine what they would think and do and how they would behave
  • I find painting characters quite difficult if they are in a scene/movement because I’m never quite sure if I get the positions of the legs and arms right. That’s why I tend to show the characters from the front

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