Illustration 1 - Exercise 23: Museum Posters Illustration 1 - Part 4 Key Steps in Illustration

Key Steps in Illustration: Museum Posters, Final

Here are my final poster designs. I was in the flow, so I went through with producing all final versions, not only 1. I took it as a good exercise for working with Photoshop and Illustrator, which is something I want to do increasingly more often for the exercises.

Museum Poster: General Audience, Kids, and Teenagers

Museum Poster - General Audience

Museum Poster – General Audience

Museum Poster kids
Museum Poster – Kids
Museum Poster teenager
Museum Poster – Teenager

Key Learnings: 

  • I enjoy working with mixed media a lot, and enjoy the results. Perhaps I get to the point where I am able to create the same effects digitally than I do when painting by hand, but I am not there yet. This needs more practice
  • Looking at other poster designs more closely helps me identify the key areas I need to focus on
  • Visualise the topic, and then narrow it down to the main elements
  • Don’t overload the poster with too many details that might not help to communicate what you want.
  • Trying out different colour schemes is helpful because each colour has a different effect. I might have ended up with a slightly different colour than I initially thought would work best. This is one of the advantages of working digitally because you can easily change things or have certain layers disappear again
  • Working for different audiences on the same subject is definitely a challenge!

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