Key Steps in Illustration: Museum Posters, Pt. 4

I continued with the kids poster. I used the painted butterflies and the kids character and played around with the position on the poster. My initial idea with the white background also prooved to be wrong, because I found the inital positionings to bland and not interesting enought to draw the attention to the subject.

I decided that a backdrop was needed for sure. For the background option, I used the same lines like in the general audience poster and created the cactus, and also added the kids character to it.

I also tried out different types for children that might appear in childrens’ books, as well as differently coloured background versions. My favourite font is the one that represents the handwriting, because you could just imagine a kid writing it.

Lastly I added the cactus again, and tried different colours again. I also added some more leaves to the background, but found it was too overloaded. Generally I think the green background also works best for the subject.

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