Key Steps in Illustration: Museum Posters, Pt. 3

I then worked on the different poster designs digitally.

Starting with the general audience poster, I defined the lines for the background, and the initial tone I wanted to use. I used the painted birds, which I edited in Photoshop to play around with their position on the actual poster.

I initially wanted to keep the posters white, and only add the painted elements, but when I worked on this initial version, I thought it was ab it too boring, even when adding the leaves. I think it is missing something that makes it more interesting.

So I decided to add a few more background elements in a subtle layer, and also to add more colour, so the poster background colour wouldn’t be white anymore. I wanted to represent the tree with a few abstract items, and found that the green dots somehow make up a tree shape.

I added the birds layer again, and looked at increasing the contrast a bit more. Looking at the left version, the birds are still too dark and gloomy, while on the right-hand-side they are more in focus and draw the eye into the picture.

I also did a logo that would go into all posters, ideally in the same spot on all three, so they can also have a recognizable element.

I then tried different background colours because the mint green did not have the effect I was looking for. I found it too bright. Instead I tried more subtle tones of green, and also purple. My favourite is the darker green, because to me it represents the natural aspect of the museum best, and I feel that it is the right backdrop for the birds.

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