Key Steps in Illustration: Tutor’s Feedback – Part 3

I’ve receive my tutor’s feedback on part 3 of Key Steps in Illustration, and I again found it very helpful. Overall I am happy with my feedback. There are some very constructive points that I’ve taken to rework some of my exercises which resulted in better pieces.

Some points I take away from the feedback:

  • Especially for posters and instructions: keep it simple. Focus on the main elements or one idea you like to convey. Try not to overload the image
  • Experiment, experiment, experiment. New techniques, new styles, new ways of looking at things.
  • Typography. Look into how to incorporate type into the design, right from the start. I think that is a very important point that I have ignored pretty much so far. I think type can be used quite well as design element, not just to add some relevant information.
  • Clients visuals: I should have added more details, more steps for the colour visuals, including colours and texture to give art directors/clients a better idea of the artwork they will receive. I initally understood the exercise to create a black-and-white line drawing to convey the idea of the piece only. It makes sense, of course, to add more details for the clients to see before you’d actually work on the final piece. I think for comissioned worked it is particularly important because you’re working on a specific piece that the client asked for, and it has to meet their requirements. In contrast, if it is your personal work, you are free to work on whatever you like.

I’ve also revisted some of the exercises that my tutor suggested, including “Image Development“; “Giving Instructions“; and “Assignment 3“. I found it quite helpful going back to these pieces again, and after a few weeks have past redo some elements of the artwork. I think the feedback helped to create a bit more interesting pieces that might be more appealing to a broader audience.

Some areas to look into is how to combine digital and hand-drawn art, interessting narrative compositions, and simple line shape and colour. I’ll make sure to do some research on these areas and the artists that my tutor suggested.

I should develop my style by experiementing, exploring techniques I’m interested in, and working out new ways to combine my hand-drawn art with digital art, which I guess is something that I like to do a bit more anyway. I personally still like to work with “real” materials and not completely digitally, but I guess, often the better finishing touches, and the layout/graphic design can be done better and more easily with the computer softwares.


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