Key Steps in Illustration: Image Development – Revisited

Based on my tutor’s feedback, I’ve gone back to this exercise and worked out the typo part a bit better. Looking more into typography was one of the comments for different projects, and I think it makes sense for me to look into type more thoroughly and to start using it as a design element from the start.

For this project, I added it after I had created the artwork, and I probably did not spend a lot of time to try out more out-of-the-box options. Instead I used some basic type and added it to the piece.

When I revisited this piece, I tried to create a headline that was playful and artistic, reflecting the circus motif. So I decided the best would be to use a different font for each letter, and vary the letters in size. This resulted in the following piece:

Harlequin revisited


When comparing it to the initial piece I did, I think the headline fits in better to the overall piece, reflecting the playfulness and joy of the illustration. Also it kind of reflects the salto and jumping movement.

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