Inspiration: Day at the Lake

Today was one of the days that I needed to spend outside and enjoy the sun. Also because it felt like the first real sunny day this spring. The last few weeks were still very cold, also this weekend, and today was a rather warm day. I decided to visit Starnberg, which is a short trainride away from Munich and visit the lake Starnberg. It’s a quite popular place to walk and ride bikes and relax. I took a stroll along the lake, and luckily decided to head there early enough to avoid the many people that were there by the time I headed back to Munich again.

Here are a few snaps from the walk. I really enjoyed being outside in the sun, and it felt like I got so much energy from the sunshine. I loved observing nature, and the trees and plants that are starting to turn green, and will probably get leaves very soon. On a clear day like today, you also see the alps, and it feels like being on holiday, even for a few hours.

I also took my sketchbook, and sketched a few scenes from the lake and nearby. The sketches are done very quickly, mainly with pencils, so they don’t have a lot of details and seem very rushed.

I also started to sketch some people that walked around – mainly because I noted their style or special outfits. These sketches are done very fast. I started with pencil, but later also tried some other materials like Caligraphy pen and brushed pen.

What I found is that I get more details with pencils, and with the brushed pen I tend to draw bigger with fewer details. However, I prefer the expressions of the sketches with brushed pen.

Sketching everyday scenes was one of the things my tutor suggested after my second assignment, and so far I haven’t gone round to doing so.

Key learnings: 

  • Sketching – even fast and rough – helps me to observe scenes and look at the overall picture and at details, and helps me develop my skills visualize an idea on the page quickly
  • While some sketches of the people turned out better than others, they could be the basis at some point for an illustration that involves different people
  • I mainly sketched people walking – because that’s what they did at the lakeside – but I guess I have to find other places where I can observe people, like at a coffeeshop, in the park, in a restaurant, on the train, etc. and draw different poses and motion sequences. I feel sometimes my figures are a bit stiff, and I think practicing postioning them in different movements might help

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