Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 3 – A Poster, Pt. 5 (Final)

As mentioned in the beginning, I wanted to be open to where this assignment would lead me. And I think I managed that with two artworks that are quite different, but which I both enjoy:

To me, they each represent different areas of Jazz. The poster on the left hand side, would be more like smooth, darker Jazz sounds, featuring lots of trumpets and saxophone music and impressive vocals, very much like “Summertime” performed by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong or “Feeling Good” performed by Nina Simone.

The one on the right hand sid would be more joyful and playful Jazz, probably featuring more of the clarinett sounds, more Gipsy Jazz. When I created it, I listened to a lot of songs similar to “Sweet Susie Brown” performed by Louis Armstrong.

I had the final posters printed to see what they’d look like in an Din A3 format:


I think all of these work well in the format, so I had another vote with some friends on which was the more appealing piece. The vote resulted in the Spring Concert Poster as the favourite piece, so I’m putting this forward as my final piece for this assignment.

Here’s a summary of the steps I took when developing this poster:

Here is my final piece for Assignment 3 – A Poster:

assignment 3, poster, Jazz
Assignment 3 – A Poster – Final Piece


Key Learnings: 

  • Being open to ideas that come along the process helped to add a lot of style and depth to the project.
  • Trying out, trying out again, developing an idea, and rethinking it again, was a fun process. I think this is also part of working with clients in real life. Based on my experience on the other side (i.e. briefing web designers, photographers, etc. to create content), it often happens that things turn out differently expected. This might be because the requirements change throughout the project’s process, or because the briefing wasn’t clear enought to beginn with. As an artist I guess it helps to be flexible, and take feedback and ideas as they come.
  • I took quite a long time to finalize this project, going back and forth between idea 1 and 2. I didn’t know until the very end which I’d end up handing in as my final piece, just because I liked both in a way.
  • Researching what was done before and looking at other artists also helped me to get inspiration, and to review different styles, and determine what I wanted to do with this assignment.
  • I purposely didn’t turn the posters into fully digital versions because also in other artist’s work I like the analog look, e.g. with hand-painted illustrations or collages. It’s somewhat unfinished, yet I often find it more interesting than digital illustrations. I feel that it fits my style better to combine the drawings/paintings with some digital options that I get in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • I’m planning to do some more digital tutorials to develop my skills there, but I feel that only working digitally does not always result in the best artworks options.
  • Also when looking back at the Jazz poster series I did a few month ago, I think you can see a certain style or pattern in my work, but I believe that the new posters are more “finished” than the other ones.
  • What also helped was to see the final piece in the printed version in the actual size that was asked for in the brief. I think it is necessary to evaluate whether or not something works because you it’s often different to the digital version on the screen.



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