Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 3 – A Poster, Pt. 4

I continued with working out my second idea for the Jazz poster. For this option, I decided to have the theme of a cozier event  at a Jazz bar, which could be a jam session or a smaller band or even just one Jazz musician playing.

I tried out several options of the composition with different materials, including pencils, brushed pens, graphite, pastels, and gouache. While working out these sketches I found that the musician needs to stand on the ground somehow. Otherwise he’d be floating in mid-air, wich makes it weird somehow. So I decided to include a contrasting ground on the poster.

I also tried out several options on which colour scheme I could use, e.g. the dark purple, the orange/blue option, the light blue option as well as the red/black/white option. My favourite one is actually the orange/blue one because it is quite contrasting, which also is often reflected in Jazz music. It is warm, yet at the same time it is cold.

I then also tried out different options to illustrate the abstract face with different materials, and possibly using a collage. I wanted to create this piece with coloured inks because I haven’t painted with them in quite a while – and I actually love working with ink. Also I decided I’d like to use bright colours, and I think inks are quite good for that. So I tried out the colours I have on a heavier piece of paper to see their effects and how they work together to determine which shades I’d go for.

kat-illustrates-assignment3 (48)

In the end I decided to illustrate this piece in the orange/blue colour scheme. Here are several stages in the process. I even painted the ink in two layers to get a better effect. When I was close to finishing the illustration I also added the newspaper – which is actuall about Goethe’s Faust (since Munich is having a Faust festival throughout the city over the next few months), which I thought was quite fitting. I hadn’t initally planned on turning this into a collage, albeit a little one, but I found that it adds a lot to the piece.

I continued to test some colour schemes (also black-and-white) with Photoshop. Besides the orange/blue option, I like the bright pink version best. I think it has an even better contrast than the orange one. The blue and the green appear a bit too dull to promote the event.

Like for idea 1, I also played around on where to include the event information, and used different fonts – both sans-serif and serif fonts. I found that in this case, the serif fonts work a bit better to make it appear more classy.

I finished with these two coloured options, and had some people vote on which they thought would work better. The result turned out to be the pink one, so I was going to go with that version as my final piece for idea 2.



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