Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 3 – A Poster, Pt. 3

I started off with the Spring Concert option. The idea was to show an instrument (trumpet) and have colourful bubbles/flowers/music notes come out to represent the music tunes played. Overall it should have a light feeling to it to represent the springtime.

I worked on several pencil sketches at a larger scale to get a feeling of what might work and what won’t. I also experimented with different colour options and materials like coloured pencils, pastels, collage with magazine cut-outs, and aquarells.

This helped me a lot to find out that I prefer a white space as background rather than having a colourful background for this motif. Also I felt like I’d need to combine several of these ideas to come up with the best desig, which I then worked out with guoache on an A3 format.

I also experimented with how to put the event information on the poster, and tried out different positions in my sketchbook. I am most likely going to go for a sans-serif font – or a mix of serif and sans-serif to create a modern, yet traditional look.

kat-illustrates-assignment3 (31)
Assignment 3: Type ideas

I then continued to experiement with sketching some flowers, to determine which ones might work for the actual artwork. I felt like the pink/red/purple colour scheme for the the flowers works well. In the process, I also realised that I don’t want to use a yellow trumpet (which was my inital idea), but rather a darker option. I also tried out an option to include the trumpet completely on the poster. This is what I liked best, so I took it from there.

I continued to experiment witth my favourite ideas, usigin different materials to work quickly to get an idea of the possible effect. I realised I don’t like the green version with lined flowers that much, so I dropped the idea.

I then decided to work out an option of using mainly purple and red flowers. My inital version has quite small flowers. I decided to paint the trumpet in blue – also as a reference to the blue horn in How I met your mother, which I happened to re-watch recently – and also because the black seemed a too harsh contrast. I also added the music lines. However, I felt that this version was not interesting and eye-catching enough.

I created a new version that now has fewer but bigger flowers. I also included the music notes with some more curvy lines, which make it more interesting. I also then added some deco music notes that I found in a shop. I felt that this was now a good piece to turn into a poster.

I photographed it and after some slight edits in Photoshop I tried out different options on where and how to include the type on the poster. I tried sans-serif and serif fonts, and different colours, using traditional black font, but then also some lighter options with the light pink from one of the flowers.

My favourite options of the first idea is this one, because it has an airy look-and-feel to it, which represents the spring theme. I find it is not overloaded with details, which makes it eye-catching.

kat-illustrates-assignment3 (62)

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