Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 3 – A Poster, Pt. 2

After having created a spider diagram with ideas and thoughts, I collected some cut-outs, flyers and other inspirations in my sketchbook. This includes some music/event promotion I found – note the limited colour scheme used. I love the poster for Peter and the Wolf theatre play! It’s eye-catching, and reduces the content to a minimum in an interesting and creative way. I think you will definitely stop and look twice for this poster.

kat-illustrates-assignment3 (13)
Assignment 3: Inspiration: Poster and Jazz event flyers

I also included some ideas for style, colour schemes (mainly reds and blues), as well as ideas for possible patterns, experimental type, or how to include the “cool cats”, which are musicians found in Jazz and which I might use to represent the band members.

kat-illustrates-assignment3 (14)
Assignment 3: Inspiration: colours and style
kat-illustrates-assignment3 (15)
Assignment 3: Inspiration: Patterns and type
kat-illustrates-assignment3 (16)
Assignment 3: Inspiration: Type and cats

Afterwards I went back to my intial selection of thumbnails and created slightly bigger versions in my sketchbook. This time I also included a coloured version to get a better idea of what it might look like in colour. I always included a line visual with the colour visual on one page. I like having lots of space around the visuals. It helps me imagine it better without anything else on the page.

I aked a few people to name their favourite ideas, and narrowed it down to two idea – number 3 and number 6, which I will develop further.

kat-illustrates-assignment3 (22)
Assignment 3: Colour visual

kat-illustrates-assignment3 (23)kat-illustrates-assignment3 (24)kat-illustrates-assignment3 (25)

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