Inspiration: David Hockney

This time, I’m going to look at one of the artists I’ve admired for a long time: David Hockney.

He is one of my favourite artists because of his use of bright colours, his style and the way he keeps reinventing himself through experiementing with “new” media.

When I was in school I did a project that reflected his photo collages, and how he looked at one scene or landscape through the camera lense, and also from different angles, and then put it all together. I was – and I still am – fascinated with this technique. One of the famous photo collage can be seen here at The Ground.

His paintings are also amazing, they are so colourful and huge, often depicting landscapes. In his earlier career he showed scenes from California (some examples can be seen here, here, here or here), more recently from his home in the UK.

Some impressions from the English landscapes can be seen here, herehere, here or here, some even drawn on the iPad. I think it is quite interesting that David Hockney keeps on looking for new media and materials to work with, which I guess helps evolve his style. In this video he explains the way he draws on the ipad.

I remeber visiting this exhibition featuring the UK landscapes in London and his iPad Art a few years ago, and I was impressed by the size of the canvases and the colours.



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