Personal Projects: Sketchbook

In the last few months, I was travelling quite a lot, and spent some time at different airports. Mostly I had a sketchbook with me, and while I was waiting at the gate, I sketched a few scenes at the airport.

My tutor also suggested to sketch more everyday scenes, so this is a start:

Generally  I find it difficult to sketch people quickly, because they move a lot – besides the ones sitting/waiting somewhere at the airport.

However, I struggle with sketching movements. Also I didn’t sketch faces in these examples here, because faces are also somwhat difficult for me. I tend to make them somewhat abstract in my sketches/illustrations.

I now have several sketchbooks in different sizes, and aways take the one that fits my bag. Depending on my trip’s purpose, it might be a smaller one, because I already have huge luggage to take.

I personally find it useful to keep this seperate from my OCA sketchbook, because I can cluster certain themes better, and also won’t confuse it with uni projects. For example, I have one sketchbook that includes mainly patterns and plans (as seen in previous personal projects).

I also find it important to do something other than the OCA exercises and projects. I sometimes struggle with the exercises because I feel like I cannot finish them in the time I set myself, either because I find them uninspiring or am not happy with the work I’m creating. So working on something else, even if it is just small sketches, takes my mind of things. I often got the best ideas (in my view anyway) when I was doing something totally different or while I was running errands in town.

Also I think sketches like this might be useful for some future works, and I can always refer to them.

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