Inspiration: Martin Haake

I’ve not been as good as reviewing work by other artists as I planned. I’ve bookedmarked several artits and illustrators that I admire, and my goal is to take a closer look at their work one by one over the next few weeks.

I’m staring off with Martin Haake. Martin Haake is a Berlin-based artist who as lived in different cities in Europe, and has a great style, which can be seen in his portfolio here. He has created some amazing maps of many cities and regions and countries. He uses a certain collage style, that to me looks like a combination of PC illustrations and photographs or scans of real things, put together in a capturing way. I enjoy the way he creates people, most often from a side view. His pieces are mainly flat without too much perspectives, which make them look very fresh and modern. He also references old masters, e.g. Jan van Eyk, and creates his own version of it. I think that is a great way to look at art history, and find out more about compositions.

One of the most interesting things he said in an interview with FAD Magazine is that he always starts his work by searching on the internet what others have done before. I think that’s very interesting to hear that also established artists don’t start from scratch, but do their research to create a concept.

I think what attracts me to his illustrations is that they have a very happy (most of them) vibe about them. The colours are often very bright, the characters look friendly, and the city or country maps make me want to go to travel to faraway places right away.

What I find very interesting about Martin Hacke is that he is not that well-known in Germany, whereas he is quite a household name in the US or the UK. As seen in the short video by DW, he used to share a studio with Olaf Hajek (who I will reflect here at a later stage, as suggested by my tutor). Not sure if they still share the studio in Berlin, but I think they are a good combination, even though each of them has a very unique style.

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