Illustration 1 - Assignment 2 Illustration 1 - Part 2 Key Steps in Illustration

Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 2, Pt. 4

I continued to try out different versions for the summer version, and played around with different background colours. I decided to go for green as the main colour for summer, because it represents healthy and high quality food, seasonal vegetables that are freshest in summer.

I kept the same elements as for the autumn piece to create a kind of consistency. I imagine that these shop displays would be used throughout the seasons for people to recognize the high quality of the fruits and vegetables in the supermarket.

When looking at the different version, I tried to use different layouts, some including the circle shape from the autumn piece. For others I left this one out, and played the vegetables at the botton, rather than circling around. I found that this resulted in a layout that was a bit to empty and boring, because there was nothing that would draw your eye into the picture. The version with the dark green layout was too dark overall, and the one that had the white background, was too clean to be appealing. I think the lighter shades of green make it more natural and appealing overall. I also tried out one option without the circle, but with the vegetables still in a circular shape around the typography. I think it doesn’t really work well, because both the font and the vegetables mind of float in mid-air, and as a viewer you kind of feel lost.

I will continue with some final edits in Photoshop, and might shift around some of the individual elements in this piece.

Summer vegetables-option3
Summer vegetables: Option 1

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