Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 2, Pt. 3

As mentioned in my previous post, I decided to go for mixed media for the paintings. I worked on several gouache paintings of several vegetables and fruits. I added details with coloured pencils. They are Din A4 or Din A5 formats, and I scanned them to do some edits with Photoshop for the actual shop display layout. I like the frontal perspective and the cut-open versions best, and I’m thinking about doing a piece that shows both side by side.

Autumn piece: Work in progress

Summer piece: Work in progress

For the summer fruits, I’m not particularly happy with the watermelon, either inside or outside. I don’t think it looks natural or tasty. The same goes for the raspberries. I think they turned out too dark, and not natural enough to use in this work.

I’m still trying to figure out what layout my shop display is going to be. I did a few small sketches. I think the challenge will be the square layout because I find it more difficult to place the items. Where is the focus? Where to draw in the eye? Do I place it off-centre (below or above the optical line) or in the centre? Where will I include the writing? Can it be extended with something? How will I not overload the display, so people would be put off from buying rather than drawn into the greens section?

kat-illustrates-assignment2-studies (13)
Shop display: Layout sketches

My idea was to try out different options through photo editing, so I started with the autumn fruits & vegetables piece and came up with 3 initial versions. I want to have a clean background, and add some season-specific colours to the layout. I decided to go for this orange/yellow, and worked with different options, circle and rectangle shapes. I haven’t done any post edits on the fruits, so they are still a bit dark, but they work for figuring out the layout options.

Shop display: Initial idea

I like Option 2 and Option 3 best and decided to asked some friends for feedback who mainly agreed. I also asked some of my fellow OCA students who voted for option 3.

I think what I like about option 3 is that the circle and the vegetables around it, draw in the eye. However, I think that the vegetables might be a bit too small for the overall piece. Probably I’m trying to include too many items on the shop display, so I’ve also tried a more reduced version of option 3, taking out the cut-open pumpkins, and placing the pumpkins at the outer end of the layout. I think this is even a bit more dynamic than option 3.

Autumn vegetables-option4.png



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