Key Steps in Illustration: Choosing Content, Pt. 2

I experimented whether or not to use a frontal view. In the end I decided a view from the side, portraiting the main character looking out of the window might work better to convey how the character is contemplating the situation. I also decided I might just use the fact that I’m illustrating, and not using photography, to include some subtle details of the missing women in his mind.

choosing-content- (1)

I used several layours of watercolours to create the war time London scene from the window – just slightly visible. I didn’t want the background to stand out too much. Therefore, and also to create a rather depressed atmosphere, I mainly used the brown/greyscale.


I created the main character with pencils, and dressed him in a black suit, he’s wearing glasses, and is clean shaven, yet you can just recognize a few stubbles on his face because he’s been up so long that they show again. The main character is serious looking, deep in thoughts (if you look at his hair closely, you can see shapes of female heads, representing the missing girls). However, I think he ended up too “young” to actually be this character described in the scene.


Main character in detail:


I’m not particularly happy with this illustration. I think I somehow managed to convey the sadness in the main character, but I find it rather boring with regards to the composition.

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