Inspiration: Mele de la Yglesia

As result of my tutor’s feedback, I’m introducing a new category to my blog. I’m going to look at some artists whose work I’ve been following recently, and explain what I admire about them and what aspects of their work appeal to me. I’m aiming at reflecting the work of one artist per week, but that might be a bit too ambitious. Let’s see how it goes.

The first one I am going to look at is Spanish artist Mele de la Yglesia. She creates beautiful works of nature, leaves and flowers, most often with black lines and shapes, and sometimes add colour splashes to it. Her website and Instagram account give great insights into her work.

I like the round shape she uses in most of her works. To me the pieces have something mysterious to them. When I was younger I did a few ink drawings in a similar style actually (I will try to get hold of them somehow and post a picture later), so her work appeals to me a lot because I can identify with her style greatly. I also enjoy her works that are a mix of “real” images and the line/shapes. It looks like a collage to me which is something I like a lot. I believe another reason why I am attracted to her work is because it is abstract yet not quite so much abstract, meaning certain elements or pieces of work are mostly shapes and lines, while others you can very much recognize the flowers and details of plants. I enjoy this mix.

What I particularly enjoy is the fact that she frequently turns paintings into wall murals like this one. It adds colour to a neighbourhood, and I would I find the mix of black-and-white and colours inspiring.

A while ago, I even started to work on a piece inspired by her style, using similar shapes and lines. I ended up with this black-and-white piece, and aimed at colouring it at some point, but have not yet come round on doing so.

Inspired by Mele de la Yglesia
Inspired by Mele de la Yglesia

What I also find inspiring is that Mele follows her unique style, which is something I guess every artist has to find for themselves, and something I am yet to discover fully. I also enjoy working on nature themes, but I still have to find something truly unique. I guess I would like to explore different options.


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