Key Steps in Illustration: A Subjective Drawing, Pt. 2

I decided to continue with the red/grey contrast, so I worked on a frontal view of an umbrella in red ink, against a grey sky, done in different pencils. I decided to do the upper part of the image in dark grey, and the part below the umbrella in light grey. The umbrella kind of protects everyone/thing below from the dark grey. While I have the feeling that the umbrella has a somewhat delicate look to it, it was not as interesting as I hoped for.

Subjective drawing: Umbrella – Version 1

After a few days, I went on to do another piece with a similar colour scheme and technique, but with a different view of the umbrella. This time I look at it from below, and worked on the delicate details a bit more. I also worked with colour-in-colour for the umbrella surface, rather than having the black dots in the version before. Also I wanted the grey arey to be all around  this time to convey stormy weather. I felt like this could be an umbrella that gets blown away by strong winds, but is still sturdy enought to withstand. Compared to the first version, I prefer the composition here.

Subjective drawing: Umbrella – Version 2

Some key learning I’m taking away from this exercise:

  • While I at first thought that this would be a quick and easy exercise, I spent a lot more time and thoughts on it that I had expected; perhaps this is because it is subjective and conveys my feelings and impressions, rather than looking at it plainly
  • I also had some difficulties in finding a composition that worked for me, or that I was happy with, so I tried out several options, perhaps spending a bit too long on it
  • I thought it was difficult to convey everything that I had first associated with umbrellas, so I believe it is important to focus on one or max. two points that stand out and try to have them in the final piece

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