Key Steps in Illustration: An Objective Drawing

This time I am aksed to create an subjective drawing. I chose the word “Shoes” to work on. I picked an old sneaker / dancing shoe made out of leather.

Before starting  this piece, I did some research on how to best draw shoes. I ended up watching a few YouTube tutorials, see here and here and here. These tutorials all show a different way of approaching this subject, and use several techniques.

I decided I would like to build ton the ideas that I tried out in a previous exercise and do a pencil drawing. I used pencils and graphite to create two drawings, one shoe from different perspectives. I used several technicques, trying out how to hold the pencils in a different angle, scribbling, criss-crossing, and so on. I started with outlining the shoe, similar to the YouTube tutorials, and then add the depth using different pencils, and pressures. I struggle to motivate myself to drawing objectively (I also prefer subjective illustration both to create and to look at from other artists).

Some learnings from the last few exercises is to work on some techniques or with materials I’m not too fond of and familiar with to see what will come out of it. I also think I should – at least once in a while – work more objectively, and do some studies of items in a smiliar manner like the shoe. I feel it is worth looking at one item more closely, and I should probably should practise this more often. I tend not to do it frequently because I don’t particuarly enjoy doing pencil drawing like this. I much more prefer working with colours, and draw objects more subjectively.

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