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Key Steps in Illustration: Tutor’s Feedback – Part 1

My tutor’s feedback came in, and I am excited to find lots of tips to improve my work. My aim is to submit my work for formal assesment at some point, so I appreciate any feedback that helps make my work better.

I started working a few years ago, and since then I haven’t had feedback on any of my creative projects. To be honest, for a few years I didn’t draw much – which I now realize I’ve missed greatly, but only worked with photography. I’ve not done this professionally in any way, and the people that I show my photographs usually like them. This is not the same as formal feedback, and is very difficult to improve things because I can only rely on what I like etc. So I see this OCA course as a great opportunity to actually develop my creativity and my artwork.

One thing that I have to do more is reflect my work, and this is what I expected. I struggle to put down my own progress and thoughts on my work into words, and explain why I have decided to do something or leave out something else. I will try to do this in more detail for the next exercises and assignments.  To reflect I should also go back and compare my final piece of work with initial ideas I might have had, inspirations and other artists that might have influenced the composition, and take a look, e.g. which composition flows better and why, what struggles I had during the process etc.

I should also think about the dimensions when illustrating an object. For the first assignment that asked me to create a card to say hello to my tutor, I wanted to create a postcard. It never occurred to me that I could as well have created a proper greeting card, and then also included some other illustrations inside or on the back. This is something I will take with me for the next assignments, to look at the task from different angles and then decide on the best approach.

Another suggestion is that I should do more research when starting an exercise or assignment. I should take a closer look at artist I aspire to and that have a similar idea and aestheic approach. I have to admit, I haven’t done this much with formally. I do enjoy reading artist’s blogs, and browse instagram profiles, and get illustration books out of the library, but I have not yet started to collect notes on why a particular artist appeals to me. I plan to do this in this blog regularly from now on.

On tip from my tutor is to carry a smaller sketchbook with me at all times, and to work on small sketches and ideas every day, e.g. on my way to work. I have not yet done this because I go to work by bicycle – at least most part of the year. Now that it’s getting colder I will take the public transport again, and will try to take the travel time, or even 10 minutes every morning or evening to do a quick drawing. I’ve been trying to do this with my instagram account, and work manily on small drawings one theme for 100 days. I chose the topic “urban jungle” to start with, and am still going strong here. Not all of the drawings are very detailed but it helps me to work on one topic continually. In the end I will have a broad source of sketches and drawings to go back to, and choose a selection of the best work for my portfolio.

My tutor also suggested some reading and viewing materials, including the artist and illustrator Olaf Hajek, and some collage artists. I will take a look and reflect my thoughts in the learning log over the next few weeks. I look forward to working on the next exercises and the next assignment, which is due just before Christmas.


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