Key Steps in Illustration: Making a Moodboard

This exercise asked to create a moodboard on a certain word or theme using colours, different textures etc., to convey exactly this word. I decided to create one for the word “Exotic”.

To me, exotic is something that I come across rarely, or foreign places to go on holidays, fruits like passion fruit or something that grows in the Pacific. These are just examples that I thought of when trying to find colours that match these concepts.

I decided that in terms of colours, they would need to be bright and shining, powerful. I associate colours like pink, orange, bright red and yellow, purple, turquise, blue and green with the word “Exotic”. I went through old magazines, and used advertisments or other scrap papers to create the moodboard. I also used several other textures like maps, strings, washi tape, serviettes, bubble wrap, and even a plastic flower, to express the word. Here is the result:

Exercise: Moodboard "Exotic"
Exercise: Moodboard “Exotic”

I also looked at examples online on how designers can use moodboards and found this article with tips on CreativeBloq that also states to make the theme obvious and spark emotional response. I asked a few friends what colours they associate with excotic and mainly got responses like pink or turquise, which supported my colour choice here.

I also watched a view videos that helped me understand better on why a moodboard might be an important of the design process. Eclectic Trends presents how to give structure to the moodboard. What I take away from this exercise is that I should spend more time when working on a big assignment in not only researching the topic, but also the colours, materials and other associations that come up, and create a moodboard to capture the atmosphere. I think it might not always work, but especially to convey a certain feeling, it might be work exploring some options beforehand deciding on a colour scheme for an illustration. In my view a moodboard works great with helping visualizing emotions, or feelings you associate with certain places or scenes.

If I now had to work on an illustration on the word “excotic” I would stick to this pink/yellow/turquise colour scheme, and probably use some materials that are not so commonly used, e.g. some special  paper with an “exotic” surface” or something simliar. I believe that this could work, e.g. when designing a jungle scene (which to me would be exotic). I have to admit that moodboard is something I haven’t worked with a lot before, so this is an interesting approach to me that I surely will try out for some other exercises and assignments over this course.

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