Inspiration: Hiking in Mittenwald

On a beautiful autumn day I left the city for a day out hiking with some friends. It wasn’t a very difficult hike to be frank but it was a fantastic day nonetheless. The landscape at Mittenwald is just stunning, and the autumn weather added to it. Leaves are turning yellow, orange and red. I love autumn, and it inspires me greatly with the intense colours of  nature. I love to spend time outside in this time of year, and while I prefer it to be sunny I actually don’t mind if it is also rainy. When I went for this walk, it actually felt more like a late-summer day, with a nice breeze that allowed us to have lunch at a beautiful lake that mirrored the surrounding mountains. I enjoy getting out of the city, and take my mind of things, my job, my daily routine, and chores. This helps me to also think about some artworks I could create or new perspectives to turn into illustrations. To me it is important to do something else other than working or drawing and then after a break come back with a clear mind. I notice that if I’m not in the right mood, I cannot be creative, and all artworks look totally uninspired. That’s why I aim at doing small breaks like this once in a while if time allows – and I even try to put it into my calendar, so there is no excuse.



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