Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 1, Pt. 7 (Final)

This is my final piece. I included some more details like the photography camera, some music notes and a reference to lindy hop, and added some more depth to the leaves with different patters. I also added the handlettering part, which introduces me and some materials I like to use, like a pen and brushes. I also found an illustration of a map in the newspaper, which I included to convey my love for travelling.

Assignment 1_Say Hello_final-small

When comparing it to the first version in ink only, I feel that this piece is more interesting and offers more layers and details to discover.

I also printed the illustration out in postcard size, and I feel that it works that size. The image shows the print-out next to a postcard from Hamburg I recently received.

Assignment 1: Postcard print-out
Assignment 1: Postcard print-out

Some key learnings I took away from this assignment:

  • “Go crazy” with first ideas. I looked at several very different things to include and also at different concepts. This helped me to get a feeling for the important things and what to focus on.
  • Try out things. I decided to work on the other approach with the girl figure to see what it looks like “in real”. While I do like the piece, I feel that it is not the right thing for this assignment.
  • Some things need time. I started working on this piece in early August, and it took me a few weeks to find the right approach and work on the final piece. In between i worked on some other projects and ideas. I believe this also helped in finalizing this assignment.
  • I initally also thought of trying out a different style using printing techniques, but decided against it. I felt that this would not necessarily be the technique I want to use in the end, so I focused on the collage technique instead.



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