Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 1, Pt. 6

I started working on the mixed media collage. I wanted to use the pink background/green hair idea. For the background I wanted to try the effect that I also tried out in the sketchbook, using lots of water and then dropping aquarell colours onto the paper.

assignmen 1, work in progress
Assignment 1: Work in progress

I developed the background in three sessions, and had to wait quite a while for it to dry because I used quite a lot of water to get the effect. At first I left out a basic shape where I wanted to place the head later. I did this to get a layer effect later.

assignment 1, work in progress
Assignment 1: Work in progress

For the collage I mainly used German newspapers from Munich – you can only tell if you read closely and know the city well. I decided it would make sense to use German newspapers rather than English ones that I also read. I live and work in Munich, and German is the language that surrounds me most of the time. I speak English at work, but in my leisure time I mainly speak German. Words also represent an inspiration for me; I enjoy reading books, magazines and occasionally also the papers, especially on a lazy Sunday.

I had worked on a quick study on shapes of leaves and flowers, as well on the newspaper texture and how different colours work on it. I plan to paint or draw on the newspaper later, and felt that aquarells probaly won’t work because newspapers are quite thin. I tried out ink – which worked to a certain extent. It works for painting larger areas, but you can rely on it for details because thenedges might become blurry. I also tried brushed pens, which I like to use when travelling for quick sketches. However I felt the looked quite bland on the newspapers, especially when comparing them to the ink’s vivid colours. Other materials I tried were pencils and pens, which I will most likely use for details, and adding some texture at the end.

shapes, colour study, texture, study
Assignment 1: Study

I cut out newspapers, mainly articles, but also a few greenish pieces from photographies or advertisments, and started putting them together.

After the glue dried, I started to add some colours and patterns to the leaves and the flowers. I then had to reapply some glue becaus the ink resulted in some of the edges to curl again. I also added the face in pencil, which I will later add with a pen. I am also considering to go back to including a handlettering introduction that I sketched before. The great thing about collages is that it is easy to try out before actually glueing togehter, so I might give it a go.

Assignment 1: Work in progress
Assignment 1: Work in progress


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