Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 1, Pt. 5

To start I worked on a more detailed version of the idea. I used transparent paper to get the idea from the sketchbook to the paper, and also to try out different version of the composition – landscape or portrait format. I felt like it works best if placed in the centre of a portrait format, so I went with that.

Assignment 1: Work in progress
Assignment 1: Work in progress

I did a first piece with ink. I decided on only using green, orange and red as well as black ink. and worked on different ideas using patters like dots or lines instead of painting the leaves with full colours.

assignment 1, version 1
Assignment 1: Version 1

What I like about it is that it has a quite clean look. However, I feel that it is not yet finished but I’m struggeling on what to do with it further. I feel that I will ruin it with everything I will add to the background. I might try to continue working with this digitally. That would allow me to try out different versions.

I will also go back to the idea to work on a collage style. I put this down in the sketchbook, and I think it might work well on this piece.



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