Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 1, Pt. 4

Before I started working on the idea I started to develop lately, I decided to work on a version in colour based on the initial ideas I had, and which I tried to use in the Norway piece. A girl figure walking on music notes (swing music in particular – perhaps not super accurate, but it’s based on one of my favourite songs to dance to anyway “Sing, sing sing”).

I did this piece in ink only – one of my favourite materials to use because of the vivid colours. This piece is very simple in terms of the composition and the motif, and I feel perhaps this is too little details for this particular assignment. Basically it would just be one of my interests/inspirations that I could convey here, and would probably need a lot more thinking how I could include the other aspects in this composition. I considered including flowers/nature as a background, but I think this might become too crowded here and would distract from the main focus of the music path.

For now, I will put this aside, and work on the other approach because I believe I am able to include more details in the other idea.

assignment 1; walking on swing music
Assignment 1: Other approach





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