Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 1, Pt. 3

While surfing the net, I became aware of a contest run by natural cosmetics company Weleda. The contest itself calls for creative people to share their skills and apply for a job to travel the world and blog for Weleda. I really like the visuals they use, and one image in particular inspired me to pursue a similar thing for this first assignment. See visuals from contest here.

I liked the idea of the girl’s head with flowers as hair. I thought I could work on a simliar composition, and instead of having flowers only (which is something I love anyway), I could also include other inspirations and interests.

While on holidays in Portugal last summer, I had come across some street art that had the same concept, namely the outline of a girls head and shoulders, and inside there were lots of nature illustrations. This has been one of my favourite images since, and I actually hoped to do something along this idea myself, I just did not know what to do.

Street art Lisbon - Inspiration
Street Art Lisboa – Inspiration

With this in mind I started my first sketch on a post-it, and then later went on to figure this out with more details. I also worked on several composition ideas, colour studies, and tried out some materials.

I’m most comfortable working in ink and aquarell colours, as well as collage techniques. I also like printing methods, but I have not worked a lot with it recently. That is why I most probably will use one of my preferred ways of working here.

study, colours, composition, effects
Assignment 1: Study

I feel that this idea gives me the opportunity to convey several ideas at once. I will have to leave out some aspects of my interests and hobbies, but I will be able to include sevearl aspects. For inspiration I will include nature, visualized with flowers and plants. This works great as hair. Inside the head I will include some of my interests in some form. I worked on some more detailed sketches as a basis for a more detailed work, and decided to include my most favourite pastimes: lindy hop and photography.

Detailed study
Detailed study of new idea

Other ideas that I worked on before (e.g. girl walking on music lane), will be dropped because they are somewhat childish, and are not able to convey as many details as I want. Also I have to keep the postcard-sized format of the final piece in mind. I figure that if I draw to small, you won’t be able to recognize the details in a smaller size.


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