Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 1, Pt. 2

One idea that came to my mind was to visualize my interests with a girl figure, and I tried to sketch a few ideas. Basically I visualized a few of my interests like travelling, music, photography, etc. in different situations.

travelling sketches
Travelling sketches with figure

While I quite liked the figure, I did not quite know what to do with it and how to use it in a postcard sized illustration to convey several ideas. I tried to compose the illustration by placing the figure in different landscape and portrait sketches.

One idea I quite liked was that of the girl walking on a kind of pavement that was lined with music notes to represent music that is an important part of my life.

Another idea included just showing the figure’s face and have several thought clouds and speech balloons in which I would include my interest and inspirations and the languages I speak.

detail study, sketch
Detail study of figure and ideas for thought clouds

I decided to pursue the first idea a bit further and did quick detail studies with bold colours and pen only. I like this idea, and might go with it and work on it in detail.

detail study, sketches
Detail study of figure

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