Key Steps in Illustration: Assignment 1, Pt. 1

Time to start my first assignment: Say hello to my tutor. I am to create a greeting card and present my interest, inspirations, materials I like to use.

This broad assignment presented me with a challenge of what I should show. When I started working on this assignment and sat down with my sketchbook for the first time, I was somewhat overwhelmed on where to start. I stared at a blank piece of paper, and did not know what I wanted to show at all.

So I thought it would be best to start simple. I did a quick mind-map with my interest, inspirations, etc. and started sketching and abstracting one aspect after the other: I sketched materials I like to use, my interests like lindy hop dancing, music, coffee and cooking, and inspirations like plants and flowers. I still felt that I don’t yet have a real concept, and that this is a collection of several topics that I have yet to combine into one.

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