Exercise 02: Getting the Gist Key Steps in Illustration Part 1

Key Steps in Illustration: Getting the Gist, Pt. 2

After a few days I came across a photo that showed a subway cart in front of the New York skyline. I found the image had a striking composition with great lines. It inspired me to work on this scene.

New York subway sketches
New York subway sketches

I wanted to use abstract the subway cart, and first worked on the composing the image, a and how to use the lines to create dynamics. I then went on to do several colour and texture studies. I experimented with several materials, including ink, acrylics, aquarell colours, and brush pens. I also played with the idea of creating a collage, so I worked with different materials like transparent paper and aluminium foil to see how the paint would behave on this texture.

Colour and texture studies

I decided for a mixed media approach, and created the city skyline backdrop using aquarell colours, and then adding the subway cart using aluminum foil and paper that I would paint. After I had finished the backdrop, I tried out different materials but found that the aluminum foil works best to make the subway cart stand out from the background. I wanted to convey a contrast from the plain city and put focus on the subway cart. I used yellow highlights to emphasize that the cart is something new, contrasting the blue colours.

New York subway illustration
New York subway illustration in progress
New York subway illustration
New York subway illustration

I found this exercise more diffucult than I initally expected, and took quite a long time from reading the text for the first time to finding ideas that I was happy with to the final piece.


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