Key Steps in Illustration: Getting the Gist, Pt. 1

This exercise asked me to choose an editorial from a newspaper and read, re-read, and again re-read the text, cutting down on words and ending up with one major statement that shows the article’s essence.

When I started working on this exercise I chose the first best editorial I could find from the New Yorker. It struck my interest because I visited New York before (so I could somewhat rerlate to the topic) and because I always find it interesting in learning how cities around the world cope with and how much importance they place on renovating and uplifting public transport. Read editorial here.

I decided that the main idea would be to visual the subway or subway cars turning from old into new. I had no idea how to start with, so I started doodling some different ideas and approaches in my sketchbook.

My initial idea to draw a subway cart (very simple) in black and white and then turning into a colour turned out to be rather boring and uninspired. I still like the concept of having a contrast of some sort (black/white vs colour scheme) but I do not yet know how to visualize it.

New York subway
Colour study in detail: Turning subway from old to new

For the first rather simplistic work, I used aquarell colours to blend the background from black to purple. I added the subway cart on top and attempted to contrast the techniques (pencil vs pen) to symbolize how old turns into new.

I found it a bit too basic, so decided to go with another idea, i.e. to visualise the same concept of turning old into new, but not only the subway cart but a subway station.

New York subways; Illustration
New York subway illustration

I did this sketch in pencil and only used a pen to draw the “new” subway cart. I struggeled with this work the same way with the previous one that I found it not interesting enough. I decided to let this topic go for a few days and resume it when I got a new idea on how to approach the topic.

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