Inspiration: Berlin Trip

  • I recently spent a long weekend in Berlin, participating in a dance workshop. I learnt many new things and had an inspiring time, meeting new people, having great dances, and listening to good music.
  • During the rest of the stay, I indulged in Berlin city life. Berlin is a city I love, and I enjoy coming back every other year to see what has changed. It’s a fast-paced city, with many young artists and creative minds living there.
  • I visited an exhibition on cycles, and how they were represented in visual arts in throughout the last century. See here for details. I enjoyed the exhibition, even though it was relatively small. It gave a good overview from several graphic design ears – from art nouveau to contemporary – and how abstraction and simplifying lines often make the overall layout clearer, and more interesting.

Moreover, Berlin has a great street art scene. Wherever I go, I try to go to areas where street art happens, and in Berlin you can find a lot of them.


  • The weather was amazing, and since I felt so inspired by the city, I took some time to sit down and do some sketches of the Berlin Reichstag, and some futuristic looking lamp posts and lifts. I quite like the idea of creating a Berlin illustration at some point soon.

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