Key Steps in Illustration: The History of Illustration, Pt. 4

  • I decided to work on the same theme, the Jumping Man” for this second part of the excerise – to make it easier to compare the two at the end.
  • I worked on several studies, on how to abstract the man to match Jeffers’s style, a colour study on what to use for the clothes, and also what technique to use.
Illustrating in Oliver Jeffers’s style
  • My final piece is a collage, using a piece of a Paris map, and aquarell colours.
  • I also included typography “up and down”.
  • I enjoyed working on this piece, and creating something similar to Oliver Jeffers’s style. I enjoy working in an abstract way, so compared to the Shepard’s style, this felt more natural to me.
  • What I took away from this first excerise is to look closely at artists’ work, and how a particular style fits into the time when the works were created.
  • I also started using the sketchbook to compose my own work – something I have not often done in the past. I often used to start drawing or painting without a real idea in my mind; this practice showed me that it makes sense to plan the work in advance, and develop it over a certain period of time to make it more meaningful.

    Illustrating in Olliver Jeffers's style
    Final piece – Excerise 1

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