Key Steps in Illustration: The History of Illustration, Pt. 2

When researching his style to create a similar illustration, I decided on the following theme:

  • Jumping man (instead of jumping boy) based on a photograph, to refer to the jumping boy in Shepard’s work
  • I worked on where to put the person in the frame and felt that placing him not direcly in the centre, but a little towards the left upper corner, works best to create the most dynamic. I used a small cut-out to place him on the background draft to determine the final position

    Study where to place man in frame
  • The original photo is set in city background, andI tried to use either city or nature as background. I found that nature seemed to work better for this illustrative style
Background study
  • I did a colour study to work out what colour to use for the jacket. Red and blue seemed to bright, so I went with the olive green to fit into a winter scene
Colour study
  • For the final piece, I combined the nature background with the olive jacket, to reflect the natural look.
  • I found that working on this style was new to me, and I tried to make it “old-fashioned” to reflect Shepard’s style. I don’t feel like I suceeded completely in matching this style. I struggeled with working on realistic details, as I personally like to abstract.
    Exercise 1_Illustration style_EH_final

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